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Goren and Lura

Bob Crossley, a grand life master with over 10,000 masterpoints, started playing bridge at 7 years old, competed in his first National Tournament at age 12, became a Life Master at 16 and at 23 was part of the youngest team to ever win a National Knockout.  This win, the 1974 Vanderbilt Cup, qualified Bob, partnered with his brother Dave, to compete in the International Team Trials held to select the North American Team. 

Bob has many overall placings in other National Tournaments, including three top ten finishes in National Teams in both 1994 and 2002.  He has had success in tournaments in many parts of the world including France, Italy, Morocco, Israel, and Australia. 

In 1990 he won the prestigious Danish Pairs Championship, the Albani Cup. He has won

the Caribbean/Central American Teams (1993, 1995, 1999 and 2005) as well as more than fifty regional championships in the United States.

Bob comes from a family of bridge experts dating back to his grandfather,

Cap Crossley Sr., who was one of the first Life Masters in the Western United States. 

Bob’s father, Cap Crossley Jr., won many tournaments partnered with Cap Sr. including the first All Western Championship in San Francisco in 1955.  Cap Jr. was also president of the Western Conference of the American Contract Bridge League and Marin County’s first life master. Bob’s two other siblings, Bill and Janet, are also accomplished bridge players.

Lura Crossley, Bob’s mother, became the 2nd Life Master in Marin in 1959 and has operated the Crossley Bridge Center for over fifty years.  She has lectured and directed on numerous bridge cruises, including five around the world trips.  For many years she served as West Coast Respresentative of “Travel With Goren”.

Bob has been a popular teacher and director on bridge cruises and has lectured at numerous resorts and private clubs in the Western United States.  He is a thoughtful, patient teacher with a sense of humor that makes his classes quite fun.  Bob, a UC Berkeley graduate, is also an independent film maker, sports enthusiast and expert juggler.